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Key West Sandbar Trips

This is one of the sandbars. Our slice of heaven off Key West.

Sandbar trips have become a very popular thing to do on the water. People just love crystal clear cool waters and so do we. Whats not to like? Toes in the sand, cocktails in hand listening to all the tunes that make this picture perfect. Or just relaxing to the peaceful water lapping up against the hull. 

There are many places around Key West that make this dream real. Some are very popular and some are out of the way destinations that offer secluded feel and privacy. We know them all and are happy to take you to them. Quickly, so you can get your toes in the sand and a drink in your hands. Relax – Live The Dream! 

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Our Sandbar Trips Offer More

Our sandbar trips offer more, Our selection of out of the way destinations that we know is truly amazing and comes from our years of Key West local knowledge. By request we can go where the crowds are for a super party atmosphere, lots of boats and plenty of others enjoying a day on the sandbars. OR we will make the run to visit an out of the way off the beaten trail secluded place to enjoy with not so many if conditions allow.

sandbar couple drinks
Scenes like this are the norm on our sandbar trips

Along the way the water is calm and beautiful with so many interesting things to see. With crystal clear waters surrounding our islands there is no telling what we will be able to view. Often we can spend some time to enjoy hanging out with dolphins as they play and enjoy their day. Many times we see stingrays hanging out on the bottom doing sting ray stuff. We always keep an eye out for turtles mostly because they are cool and we want to keep them safe. The birds are everywhere, some are hiding and others are showing off. They come in all sorts of species big and small most often loaded with color. It is not uncommon to see some sharks doing shark stuff, not a threat but indeed a treat to see. These are the main stars that we can include in our amazing sandbar trip side show. 

What Is A Sandbar?

Sandbars are areas of sand that are covered by water. Also called shoals if they are not part of a beach. Often at low tide they can be visible out of the water with wet edges. Higher tides have them partially covered making them a very nice place to visit. Here in Key West we have both. Shoaling and beach sandbars. Both are easy to get to and let our folks enjoy the amazing water quality and tranquility that seems to come from such a beautiful spot. 

sandbar loaded with birds
A perfect place to spend the day with nature.

The water is always shallow at the sandbars – thats why we go there. We call it natures own swimming pool. Depths can range from 0 – 4 ft deep. So just like a wading pool you can enjoy sitting on the beach or shallows this is the best part for just realizing the most amazing place you have ever been. Some folks choose to swim in the deeper waters over the sand and ultimately just floating in natures own infinity pool. Walking around the sand bar nature has treats such as sand dollars, seashells and other small lively critters that might be fun to see. We always return our pets back to the place they came from. 

What Is There To Do At The Sandbar

We recommend the primary activity is to RELAX! Leave the stress of our lives at the dock and unwind. At the sandbar sitting and chilling with a drink in hand toes in the sand experiencing all the nature has provided us taking it all in is the most popular way. This trip is all about relaxing and finding ourselves while taking in the visual treats from the vistas and the sea life. Enjoying time with friends and loved ones making memories to last a life time. We set this stage for you and try our best to make it the best part of your visit to Key West. 

three girls on the sandbar with drinks
Making Memories

About Our Sandbar Super Stable 27ft Tri-Toon Boat

First Off – Our boat is amazing. We have been offering quality boating charters for over 30 years. We took requests and ideas from our customers in what they wanted as the perfect boat for island hoping. The “Toon Time” was our choice, she is luxury boat touring at its best, this boat has checked all the boxes. She is a brand new 2023 Barletta 25 Lusso UE and without a doubt one of the most comfortable boats out there for any boating charter. Powered by 400 horse power Mercury outboard the boat ride is amazing. With a powerful 9 speaker bluetooth stereo you can listen or not to your tunes as loud or soft as you wish. She has 4 lounge recliners, a huge sun pad, a lunch bar table, and additional seating. Lets talk about shade, two huge electric Bimini tops or Not / your choice. 

sandbar trips on board a Brand New barletta 25 UE coastal edition
The perfect sandbar boat. The Barletta 25 Coastal EU TriToon Boat. "Toon Time"

The boat is designed to take 14 but we only cary 6 or less – humans.. Did we say we were puppy friendly? Pups under 20lbs are also welcome to join us on our trips. They LOVE IT! Check out the page we have made all about the “Toon Time” our luxury tri-toon boat. Lets face it – 60% of a quality boating charter is the boat. For the same rates, you may as well have the nicest one out there. 

sandbar Barletta pontoon boat puppy
Our 2023 Barletta Tri-toon boat is the most comfortable boat for sandbar trips in Key West and puppy approved!

About Our Crew

How hard is it to have fun in the tropics, with fun people, cocktails, warm crystal clear water and scenery that will blow your mind? Not hard at all. Our captains are professionals at having fun on the water. That is literally in our job description. Entertaining, drama free all while staying sober (yes that is a problem for some others) and keeping you safe on the nicest boats for hire in Key West. We guarantee it!

Snorkeling couple

We Offer More!

Because our Barletta pontoon boat is super fast and awesome for many other things AND.. our captains are really good at doing all sorts of stuff. We can offer more on all of our boating charters than the others. Our groups can incorporate sight seeing on our trips and learn about the history of Key West, see some shore birds and marine life or dolphins. We can even try to put in a snorkel stop in our trips with you. (no drinking before snorkeling).  No Extra charge.. Check out our custom boating charters for next level experiences for no extra charges. 

Our Sandbar Trip Charter Details

We offer 4 6 and 8 hour trips for up to 6 persons here at Toon Time Charters. See our rates page for pricing. We are the only charter in Key West that offers a 2 person rate to help folks save some money. Bring with you hats, sunscreen (lotion only), sunglasses, towels,  adult beverages and whatever you would like to eat or drink. We will have bottled waters, big cooler with ice and some sunscreen in case you forgot. Also check out our Key West fishing charters.

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Toon Time Charters specializes in out of the box Key West boating experiences. No gimmicks just Top notch professional, fun tour guides and amazing equipment doing exactly what You want to do with your day on the water. Nothing but the very best for our guests. We have over 30 years experience in business here in Key West. Owned and operated by well known company Dream Catcher Charters. A pinnacle in customer service and excellence since 1994. 

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